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AT Refit Physical Restoration we believe your success is our success. In our clinic each patient will be treated individually with one on one care with customized weight loss program. We provide healthy relationship with our prospect patient. We commit 100% dedication and hard work towards achieving your weight loss goal not only during your care but also after care. Most of people gain weight after stopping weight loss program. At Refit we constantly involve in your well being and do proper follow up even after you finish program. Once you finish our program you will see great Physiological changes in your body which will lift your energy and confident level to next stage. 

According to  CDC, Overweight and obesity are both labels for ranges of weight that are greater than what is generally considered healthy for a given height. The terms also identify ranges of weight that have been shown to increase the likelihood of certain diseases and other health problems. Behavior, environment, and genetic factors can affect whether a person is overweight or obese.

For adults, overweight and obesity ranges are determined by using weight and height to calculate a number called the “body mass index” (BMI). BMI is used because, for most people, it correlates with their amount of body fat.

  • An adult who has a BMI between 25 and 29.9 is considered overweight.

  • An adult who has a BMI of 30 or higher is considered obese.

At Refit we strongly follow this guidelines to determine best weight loss program for you and not only help you loosing weight but making sure you fall under healthy individual and don't under go any starvation or mal nutrition mode with proper diet and nutrition guidelines.   

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