How does actually HCG work?



             The program begins with a free consultation by weight loss specialist following comprehensive body analysis before a licensed medical doctor can prescribe a custom weight-loss plan. Upon starting the program, clients receive a diet book and full instructions for guidance at home and return weekly for check-ups that look for changes in weight and fat percentage. Each check-up also includes an optional vitamin B-12 injection from a medical professional, which can boost the metabolism and increase energy level.


Basically, The HCG hormone is a water-based hormone most commonly produced by females during pregnancy and, during this time, a female is able to tap into the abnormal fat reserves within their body. In this situation, the abnormal fat reserves tend to operate as a fuel for the body protecting the structural fat type. This is a defense strategy in order for the mother to protect her personal vital organs against the fetus during pregnancy. The HCG diet requires a combination of daily injections with a low calorie diet as a means of resetting an individual’s metabolism; thus, aiding in speedy weight loss.