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 "I like most the personal attention they give to each patient which apart them other practices. Everyone is so friendly and accommodating.

I began to see the changes in my body since 1st treatment. and I have lost around 15" inches total. Other changes I feel as my self esteem and mood has been improved and feel better emotionally and physically."

                -'Mahrukh Khan'


"I have lost 17" total, my favorite clothes are fitting me back and I feel excited to shop again. I had lost motivation to even buy new clothes because of the poor self image. Now, my friends are noticing and when people compliment you, It feels great !

I feel motivated to back to exercising and more conscious of portion control, better food options. I would definitely recommend this practice to everyone as Definitely go and Take charge of your health, with super supportive doctors, and nice staff. Its worth the time and effort."  

           -'Bhavna Agarwal'


      "I came in this clinic with a great hope as I was obese       having BMI(>30) when I         joined. It was my best         decision, I must say as I lost     almost 20 lbs with proper diet   protocol and Lipolight       sessions. Now, My diet has   been comp letely changed and I started eating healthy food and following healthy life style as well. Doctors are     really very nice and     approachable. Definitely, I   advise to do commitment with   this clinic to be succeed." 

    -'Ramathan           Gangadharan'